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I love spring! After cold, harsh weather, the sun shines warmly on us. Spring is preparation for growth. People are preparing their gardens by pulling the weeds that have grown during the winter months. We are tilling the soil, adding nutrients to help those seeds, which will be planted, to grow into plants.

Years ago, someone told me that sending their child to a Christian school seemed like putting them in a “bubble” where they did not experience the things of this world. This person thought that Christian school children are sheltered from the real world, therefore, they would not be prepared for living in the real world.

I told her that rather than a “bubble,” the Christian school is like a

Fine Art Competition 2016

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Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Golden State Baptist College Fine Art Competition. You all did awesome. We are very proud of the work, study, and time put into this year's competition.

Here are the results of the competition:


  • 3rd place, Art - Oil
  • 2nd place, Art - Pen and Ink
  • 3rd place, Art - Water Color
  • 3rd place, Web Design

Koro Aguon

  • 3rd place, Academic Testing - Science

Kyle Chan

  • 2nd place, 3pt shooting contest

April Galvin

  • 3rd place, Speech - Expressive Reading
  • 3rd place, Academic Testing - History

Carmela Moreno

  • 3rd place, Bible Story Telling
  • 1st place, All-Star Bible Bowl
  • 3rd place, Composition - Poetry
  • 2nd place, Composition - Short Story
  • 2nd place, Speech - Expressive Reading
  • 1st place, Speech - Poetry Recitation
  • 3rd place, Web Design
  • 2nd place, Individual Overall

Rebecca Vasquez

  • 3rd place, All-Star Bible Bowl

Lala Aguon

  • 2nd place, Speech - Poetry Recitation
  • 3rd place, Table Tennis

Jessica Prakash

  • 2nd place, Bible Memory
  • 2nd place, All-Star Bible Bowl
  • 1st place, Speech - Poetry Recitation

James Hall

  • 3rd place, Speech - Poetry Recitation
  • 1st place, Academic Testing - History

Group Awards

  • Div. II Bible Bowl Team (Carmela Moreno, Kyle Chan, April Galvin, Rebecca Vazquez) - 2nd place
  • Div. I Bible Bowl Team (Lala Aguon, Jessica Prakash, Louisa Guevarra, Nathanael Luna) - 1st place
  • Div. II Trio (Patricia Militante, April Galvin, Carmela Moreno) - 2nd place
  • Reader's Theater (Patricia Militante, Rebecca Vaquez, Carmela Moreno, Koro Aguon, Kyle Chan) - 1st place
  • School overall - Bible Division - 3rd place
  • School overall - Academic Division - 3rd place

Passing on a Heritage

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A heritage is something that is possessed by one person and passed on to someone else who follows after. To the unsaved, heritage is often nothing more than material possessions, which are passed to family and survivors through wills, trusts, and gifts.

For the family of God, however, the important thing that must be passed on is a spiritual heritage the gospel and the principles from the Word of God which is extended to others through teaching, preaching, example, and prayer. The gospel and the Bible life principles enable men not only to obtain eternal life, but also to live lives that glorify and please the Lord.

Reaping the Benefits of a Christian School

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The joy received from watching a child grow academically and mature in the Lord makes all the effort, all the time, all the money worth it.

As a parent, you have prayed, researched, sought counsel, and examined all possible educational options. You have conscientiously made the decision to send your child to a Christian school because you understand the value and benefits of a Christian education. It might prove enlightening and encouraging to you to carefully re-examine the specific reasons that prompted you to make this critical choice for your child and why today you are reaping the benefits of a Christian school.

The Influence of a Godly Teacher

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The book of Third John tells us of a man named Diotrephes. From his poor example, we can examine some positive leadership characteristics we should have present in our lives if we desire to have a Christ-like influence.

First of all, a godly teacher is a servant. We see in Third John chapter nine that Diotrephes desired to have the preeminence. A good servant knows his place and is not concerned about receiving recognition.

Second, a godly teacher is teachable. We are told in Third John chapter nine that Diotrephes did not receive John’s writing. I read about a child who came home from school after his first day at kindergarten. His mother asked, "What did you learn today?" The child replied, "Not enough. I have to go back tomorrow." Do you have the attitude that you already know it all, or do you have a spirit of receiving correction? The truth is that if a teacher does not have a teachable spirit, it can sometimes be absent in the life of his students.

Third, a godly teacher is just. A father is commanded in the Bible not to provoke his child to wrath. This is a good command to follow for every adult who works with children. Diotrephes was a man who unjustly used malicious words against the church leaders. The tongue is often the enemy of justice. Do you speak too quickly? Do you allow your feelings to determine your actions? Let justice control your actions.

Fourth, a godly teacher is content. The great enemy of contentment is comparison. Second Corinthians 10:12 warns us, “But they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.” Simply stated, Diotrephes was malcontent. As a result, he was a detriment to the work of the Lord.

Last, a godly teacher is hospitable. To be hospitable requires a humble spirit and a servant’s spirit. Perhaps that is why Diotrephes was not hospitable. We read in Third John ten, “Neither doth he himself receive the brethren.” Could it be that he thought too highly of himself? Do not be so busy meeting your own needs that you miss the opportunity to serve others. Joseph in the Old Testament had a wonderful spirit of serving. Even Pharaoh saw a different spirit in this young leader. Genesis 41:38, “And Pharaoh said unto his servants, Can we find such a one as this is, a man in whom the Spirit of God is?”

How is your influence? Is it expanding? Is it what the Lord wants it to be? Let’s take inventory of our leadership characteristics and determine if we need to stock up on some godly, leadership characteristics before the school year begins. Remember, if we keep a vision of what God wants our students to be, we will understand better why we should develop these characteristics in our lives.

Excerpt from an article by Ray Cazis. Used with permission by

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